High Quality Furniture &

Custom Designs By Rik Lawrence

Rik Lawrence has been creating custom furniture and architectural touches since 1987. Each piece is original and distinctly different, combining the design needs of the home and the unique personal taste of the client.

Handmade Furniture & Cabinetry:

• Armoires
• Wardrobes
• Tables
• Medicine Cabinets
• Tanzus
• Rare and Salvage Wood Furniture

forest witch inside- gold leaf cherry and african mahogani book case  84 w x76h x14d forest witch cabinet-amberosia maple, bacote , spalted maple, abalone, and gold leave inside back -24"w x24"h x6"d--$1200. MC cabinet- bubinga ,OG ponderosa pine panel, koa top, turquoise pull.  -23.75" x36.5h x7.5d -    $1200. MC cabinet-figured cherry, red gum panel, koa top, canary light bar, turquoise pull.- 24.5w x33.5h x7.25 d-  $1200. MC cabinet -koa, bloodwood, figured maple panel, canary light bar. abalone pull.  $1200.    23.5x29 x7d medicine or vitamin cabinet  -curly cherry, koa  top,  curly mango panel, abalone pull,  and turquoise embellishment.   -$1200.00      23.5w x36.5 h x7 deep with bambo sheves cloud - sideboard  - big leaf curly maple. bubbinga - collars, pernambuco pins  and turquoise embellishments .  51x16x30h.   -  $2100.00 CLOUD BENCH - big leaf curly maple.  bubbinga collars, pernambuco pins.    49x21x20h       $2100.00 CLOUD bench- figured big leaf maple, bubbinga collars , pernambuco pins.  50x21x21h .  -  $2100.00 Eternal Jewel Table- bees wing curly walnut with hand forged steel base.   76x25x30h-  $8400.00 THE ETERNAL JEWEL - 76x 25x 30h    -CURLY CALIFORNIA WALNUT, HAND FORGED STEEL BASE .$8400.00

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